Make own original Sushi Like a jewelry


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Make own original Sushi Like a jewelry

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-Temari Sushi
1. red snapper on fried bacon,lotus root, cheese
2. roast beef on Japanese pepper
3. rice sprinkled with red perilla and wrapping it in Japanese Shiso on sea kelp and bonito flakes
4. Salmon with Lemon
5. Grilled pacific saury on Japanese Sakura Denbu
6. rice sprinkled with flying fish roe and Shredded red pepper and sesame
7. Mixed rice with imitation crab and Wasabi
8. Mixed rice with sesame on fried eggs and Seaweed
9. Tuna with Japanese Mitsuba

- Sumashi-jiru: (clear soup seasoned lightly with salt or soy sauce)
-Sesame Tofu
- Sweet 2types

-Please note some ingredients may be seasonal*Temari zushi is ball-shaped sushi with a topping of fresh seafood, or vegetables etc.
*It is smaller and cute than normal sushi
* You can make original sushi by combining like ingredients

lunch 1: 11:00-12:30
lunch 2: 13:00-14:30
*Please choose lunch 1 or 2.

I think that you visiting Japan knows of course sushi,But My original Sushi is somewhat different from ordinary sushi. It is smaller and cute than normal sushi. Do you know Kaiseki cuisine?
It is a traditional Japanese dish and one dish is artistic. I imagined it so that I could easily experience it.
It is fun to make your own combination of favorite ingredients. The taste which you made must be special!

Just enjoy making sushi, talking and food. Let's spend a happy time together!

My House is several minute walk from famous Town in Sumo “Ryogoku” It's easy to find.
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