【Tokyo・ Yotsuya】 Chara-ben (Character Lunch Box) Cooking Class


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【Tokyo・ Yotsuya】 Chara-ben (Character Lunch Box) Cooking Class

1.Making cute shaped food using various ingredients.
Sweet rolled omelet is so popular among foreigners. We will make heart-shaped rolled omelet together and egg clape flower as well.
2.Tako Winner is a cute-octopus-looking-cut wiener which need to be cut first for making octopus's feet. When you fry it in the fry pan and season it with ketchup, you will have a cute octopus.
We also will use deep-fried fish sausage with seaweed and boiled broccoli.
3.Making a character's face and body.
Making face and body by mixing black sesame and salmon flakes with rice.
Then use tweezers, scissors or straw, etc. to make eyes, nose, mouth, etc. by the ingredients as nori (seaweed), cheese, crab and so on.

Packing them in a lunch box.
The process of packing lunch boxes is also an interesting experience for foreigners. Put the character in the middle and stuff the side food around it tightly.
It's so cute when finishing the bento making the cheers of "Too cute to eat!"
Delicious and cute character lunch is ready.
Japanese "Bento" is popular as "BENTO" overseas. "Chara-ben", a kind of bento which shapes rice and side dishes into manga and anime characters, is a unique culture of animation advanced country Japan, attracting attentions all over the world. In this plan, we gonna introduce you how to make a Chara-ben into popular characters among foreigners such as Kumamon and Totoro in English.
This will be an experience of making a very cute chara-ben decorated with seaweed and cheese easily. It will be too cute to be ate.
It is a new attempt to let foreigners get connections with Japanese culture through Japanese-style food. Hope you can have a fun character making experience on this occasion.

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