Shojin ryori for vegans and vegetarians with Tempura


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Shojin ryori for vegans and vegetarians with Tempura

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・Welcome drink
・Tempura with seasonal vegetables
・Goma dofu(Sesame tofu)
・Steamed or boiled seasonal vegetables with walnuts or sesame and soy sauce paste
・Miso soup
*I’ll use organic ingredients as much as possible.

Shojin ryori is the traditional cuisine that was developed in Buddhist monasteries in Japan.
As it is made without meat, fish or other animal products, it can be enjoyed by vegans and vegetarians, but those who are not are also welcome.

・Tempura with seasonal vegetables
Very simple ingredients but there are a few tips to cook good Tempura.
Come to my kitchen and discover the secrets.
You’ll also learn how to make dipping sauce for Tempura.
After my lesson, you‘ll be able to cook truly good Tempura.
Enjoy a Tempura party with your family and friends when you come back to your home!

・Goma dofu(Sesame tofu)
Goma dofu is one of the most typical Shojin ryori dishes.
It looks like tofu but not made from soybeans or soy milk.
It is made from sesame, a broth of Kombu dashi or water and kuzu.
I learned the recipe of Goma dofu directly from a Buddhist monk.
Let’s cook a real Goma dofu together!

・Steamed or boiled seasonal vegetables with walnuts or sesame and soy sauce paste
It’s very simple and the good way to eat fresh vegetables.

・Miso soup
You’ll learn how to cook miso soup with a simple broth of Kombu dashi which would be suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
We'll use homemade miso to cook miso soup.

The choice of white rice or brown rice.
If you prefer brown rice, please let me know in advance.
Taste a homemade Umeboshi(a salted plum) with rice.

Customer's Voice

Aarti, Australia
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"To anyone considering using the airKitchen service - do it"

To anyone considering using the airKitchen service - do it. I absolutely loved my time with Nancy-san and and would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to have a real(ly wonderful) experience, with real(ly lovely) people, involving some real(ly delicious) local food. Especially as a Vegetarian person in Japan, this was an amazing opportunity to experience genuine Japanese food that also fit into my dietary restrictions. The Air Kitchen team and Nancy checked with me every step of the way as to what I could and could not have, and the end result was definitely one of the best meals I’ve had in Japan. We made an incredible variety of super tasty Tofu based dishes, including Yuba-Don, Shira-ae, Miso Soup, Miso Pickled Tofu, Stewed Fried Tofu and Vegetables, Home Made Tofu with Soy Milk... The list goes on. Despite being a terrible cook, Nancy was patient, and inspired me to showed me that even I could make a scrumptious and nutritious meal. I will definitely be using these recipes to feed myself and recreate the memories. Thank you to the team and Nancy for making it such a delicious, warm and lovely evening.


Irene, Italy
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Learned a lot of cooking secrets while having tons of fun!"

Me and Daniele are cooking enthusiasts and we love Japanese cuisine. Since our attempts to try to reproduce in Italy the delicious japanese meals have not been very successful, we decided to have an authentic japanese experience and searching online we have found the Airkitchen website. Since we are vegetarian, we wrote them to ask for an advice and they put us in contact with Masako to arrange a vegetarian cooking class session. We arrived at Masako house that is in a quiet and charming neighbourhood and we started right away to create the base for the udon. We have learned a lot of cooking secrets while having tons of fun! I totally recommend this cooking class experience, we cooked udon, tempura, omelette and had a small tea ceremony.


Ashleigh, America
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"you are getting the essence of Japan!"

At present, I have the good fortune of living in Japan for an extended time before returning back to the United States. When I have to return, I wanted to bring back more than a trinket or a souvenir from Japan. I sought to bring a cultural skill back to the States, something authentically Japanese in both technique and mindset. I wanted to share the spirit of Japan with my friends. airKitchen gives me this.

Because it is an offshoot of AirBnB, I was already familiar with its easy-to-use platform and could trust its safety for payment and a quality experience. Through airKitchen, I am able to have an authentic Japanese cooking class in a Japanese home. Because I’ve taken several classes, I am also introduced to different areas of Tokyo and receive a local’s perspective of the area. One hostess even took me shopping so that I could navigate the wonderful world of Japanese ingredients with her help. It was like having my own personal tour guide!

Each cooking class is different and teaches me something new about the beautiful culture that is Japan. When I cooked with Yuki, I learned proper place settings for our delicious chicken yakatori, kiriboshi, wheat bran pickles and miso soup made from homemade dashi that we created. Oishi! As an educator, because I was in her home, I was also interested to see the child development toys and books for her adorable son.

For Naoko’s cooking class, I learned the intricate method of the Japanese egg omelet (is that what is is?). I did not roll it correctly, but Naoko demonstrated the art of this technique patiently. I feel confident that when I practice this, I will be successful. Naoko also introduced me to Japanese cooking staples; I was delighted to learn about Naoko’s homemade miso paste and soy sauce that has been brewing for over two years!

Taking cooking classes through the airKitchen website gives a wide array of the healthy and delicious cooking of Japan. Clean cooking is important to me. These cooking classes allow me to bring this beneficial nutrition home to my family. By booking with airKitchen, you are getting so much more than a cooking class….you are getting the essence of Japan!

Why Taking a Cooking Class in Tokyo is a Must-Do

Japan tops the world for average life expectancy – a whopping 83.7 years! Japanese cuisine is world-renown for its adherence to healthy practices. Japanese families practice good, clean eating with nutritious ingredients and methods. We have opened the door to this age-old generational wisdom by offering authentic cooking classes in Tokyo homes by knowledgeable and friendly hosts. The cooking class choices are as varied as Tokyo itself: sushi-making, bento boxes and ramen, to name a few. The choice is yours! Because the cooking classes span the vast area of Tokyo, exploring new areas with occasional market visits is possible. Cooking classes with airKitchen is so much more than a recipe…it is a full immersion into the healthy Japanese way of life!

Reviews of Tokyo Cooking Classes

Based on 152 reviews by airKitchen users

★★★★★ Salah, France
Au top!!!! Super cours et un super moment avec masako. Je recommande à 1000%.

★★★★★ Aurélie, France
We spent a wonderful time with Yoshie-san. She taught us how make a (cute) Totoro bento. Nothing difficult so even a child can participate. Also, it was easy to communicate with her before and during the cooking class, so never lost.

★★★★★ Erin Freese, America
The cooking class was very informative and a great way to spend an afternoon in Tokyo! In addition to learning how to make gyozas and eating a delicious home cooked meal, I was able to learn about Japanese life from the host Yukari. I recommend this class to anyone who loves gyozas, is interested in learning more about Japanese culture or has a free afternoon to spare!

★★★★★ Jessica , America
My friend and I had a kyaraben lesson with Yoshie-san. We spent a lovely and wonderful moment with her. We did a very cute Totoro lunch box, I was so pride of me to able to do it. It was easy to communicate with her, so I would recommend her.

★★★★★ Arie , Israel
Thank you so much for a great and traditional hospitality. Great suchi class. I learbec a lot

★★★★★ Karen, Malysia
I had really good time with Uchiyama-San. I have wanted to learn Japanese but I have not found any opportinties but I have found and tried airKitchen! It was awsome experience!!

★★★★★ Tim Handfield, Australia
We had such a great experience with Yoko san! We learnt so much - not only how to cook a delicious Shojin Ryori style meal, but also details on the traditional preparation of miso and Japanese home cooking in general. We share her enthusiasm for gardening and growing organic vegetables and were very interested discussing gardening with her. It was also lovely to meet her very kind family, and we felt welcomed as soon as we met them. We would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn about Japanese cooking, regardless of whether they are vegan. Thank you Yoko san!

★★★★★ Gabriella Pasztor, Australia
Mikako was a great host. She gave us a printed copy of the recipes so we could take them home. Mikakos home was clean and welcoming, it was nice to be there. The food was absolutely amazing, so delicious! Highly recommend cooking with Mikako.

★★★★★ Christopher Getts, United States of America
Everything was great

★★★★★ Simone, Italy
The course was extremely pleasant and clear to understand. It was just the two of us with Emi, so we had the chance to help in preparing almost everything. Emi was a genuine, enjoyable chef and we also had time to talk together and learn something about Japanese habits. The food was great and, in addition to Teriyaki Chicken, we also learnt to cook Miso soup. Surely recommended!

★★★★★ Carlos, Denmark
I had really a great time. As a guy who wants to experience Japan from the inside, this was a very good opportunity for me. Our host was very kind, and her home was filled with small and beautiful Japanese details. I appreciated that, it gives a great idea of the everyday life in Japan. The best part was of course the food. I loved that for the first time I did not only ate some delicious Japanese food, but I also got to make it in a traditional Japanese kitchen, that was some real Japan seen from a first person perspective. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to experience this, and I would definitely recommend it.

★★★★★ Mari, Finland
Thank you Yuki-san for a great ramen cooking lesson!

★★★★★ Yungnan Liu, United States of America
My cooking experience with Mikako was fun and marvelous. She is very friendly and warm. The handout was helpful and she explain all steps and tricks in detail. I'm confident that I can make these Sushi when I get back to US. I hope Mikako can offer other Japanese cooking class soon.

★★★★★ Anna Söderlind, Sweden
Akanes cooking class was amazing! She taught us how to cook daily Japanese food. To share the meal with her and her family was a great was to get a better understanding of the daily life in Japan. Highly recommend this cooking class!

★★★★★ Stella, Singapore
Enjoy the cooking & a great experience. Masako San is a great host, she shared her homemade Tamagoyaki recipe which she had it since young. Her Udon & tempura are easy to prepare too. Always answer & explain to questions patiently.

★★★★★ Vincenzo Iacomo, Italy
It has been great! Junko is Amazing and lovely as chef And person. He teach us how to make a sushi-cake for our first anniversary. If you wonna learn how to prepare traditional japanese food junko is perfect!

★★★★★ Ramon, Thailand
I had a memorable experience cooking class with Keiko. She was so friendly and lovely like her veggie sushi. Can’t wait to share the cooking time with her new menu. Thank you aKeiko and thank you air kitchen.

★★★★★ Yungnan Liu, United States of America
Mikako is an awesome and I have good time learning from her. Japanese Pork Cutlet is one of the favorite dishes of my children. She is an excellent teacher-friendly, well organized, with clear and precise demonstration. She provides handouts so I feel confident that I can make it after I get back to US.

★★★★★ Joe, United States of America
Great curry that opens my mind! Love it and will tell my friends!

★★★★★ Joanna, United States of America
Thanks Yoshie for the wonderful experience! We had so much fun today making the Pikachu bento. Our daughter Tori left there feeling super happy she won’t stop talking about it. :-) Thank you so much for being so considerate for making the day extra special for her.

★★★★★ Adelle Trotta, United States of America
I had a amazing time hanging out with Rina and learning how to make the Totoro Bento box. Everything was perfect and the next time I come back to Tokyo, I will take the Gyoza class! Thank you!

★★★★★ Youssef, France
Nahoko is a very welcoming lady. the lessons are clear and precise, I had taken a course of Nishi-sushi. it was very complete and I managed to remake them in France. After the class we chatted and had the chance to taste the excellent miso soup and a very good chocolate dessert. thank you to Nahoko for this moment of exception

★★★★★ Yuki , Singapore
Takako san is a good teacher, speaks fluent English and I enjoyed learning at her lovely home. She prepared her lesson well and instruction was cleared. I am very happy and I'm sure every students will feel comfortable with her lessons too.

★★★★★ Rosmala, Indonesia
It was a fun class! Yoshie-san taught me a lot of things, not only about the cooking but also about japanese culture. I thought it will be difficult to make character bento, but Yoshie-san make an easy tutorial so I can make it with an easy way. I really recommend this class for everyone who interested in making character bento in an easy ways and fun atmosphere.

★★★★★ Lucie, France
Our experience was a great success and I would rate it 5. Our cooking class took place in Shibuya in a street easy to access. Our menu consisted of spinach with sesame, rice, teriyaki chicken and miso soup. Although it all sound very simple there is an art to it and we both learned some useful tricks for future dishes. We had a great time chatting while preparing simple yummy food that we will definitely be able to make again at home. Our host was interesting and kind. We discussed her city as she is a Tokyo native. We shared food stories of different countries and had a great time. We thank her very much for her time and wish her all the best future guests.

★★★★★ Leili, Germany
Ms. Mikako is a great sushi instructor and a wonderful host! I really enjoyed the time I spent with her. She didn’t only teach how to make sushi, but also showed me the neighborhood she lives in and specially the public library because she already knew I’m librarian. She gave me some presents and many tips about Tokyo, where I should visit and buy souvenirs. It was the best experience I’ve had in Tokyo and I’m looking forward to seeing her again!

I told about your website to everyone I met in Tokyo and also the Hotel staff. I hope more people use your wonderful service. Thank you so much for your great initiative, easy course booking and your best instructors!

★★★★★ Lucie, France
Our experience was a great success and I would rate it 5. Our cooking class took place in Shibuya in a street easy to access. Our menu consisted of spinach with sesame, rice, teriyaki chicken and miso soup. Although it all sound very simple there is an art to it and we both learned some useful tricks for future dishes. We had a great time chatting while preparing simple yummy food that we will definitely be able to make again at home. Our host was interesting and kind. We discussed her city as she is a Tokyo native. We shared food stories of different countries and had a great time. We thank her very much for her time and wish her all the best future guests.

★★★★★ Fatou, France
As someone who is used to cooking vegetarian food, I was really looking forward to learning more about tofu cuisine. My friend and I were not disappointed.We had a great cooking class with Kanami. After choosing the ingredients in the supermarket, we had the course in her modern yet lovely apartment. We learned to cook many receipes with tofu (and even how to actually make tofu !!). Kanami was kind enough to print out the receipes in English and French, so that we could easily reproduce them while at home. On top of that, she spoke English very well and we enjoyed chatting with her on different subjects. Through the discussion we learned more about life in Tokyo, and Japan in general. Thank you Kanami and Airkitchen team for the delightful morning !

★★★★★ Fatou, France
My friend and I had a great class with Masako. She welcomed us in her wonderful typical Japanese-style apartment. We were really impressed by her cooking skills and knowledge of Japanese cuisine. She taught us the right technique for every dish that we made. It was really interesting to see how many little details make up the taste of these traditional Japanese dishes. Cooking udon from scratch was definitely a blast ! The atmosphere of the lesson was very pleasant : Masako was a very thoughtful host and teacher. She was also full of energy and curious, so we had the nicest talk with her. On top of that, she is a woman of many talents, and we got to leave with personalized gifts (thank you so much for that !). All in all, we had a lovely morning and we definitely recommend to live this experience.

★★★★★ Heng, Singapore
Our cooking experience with Michi's Table was marvelous.  Besides teaching us the expert techniques of tempura cooking, she also shared with us the history of the food we cooked.  This exemplified her in-depth knowledge of Japanese cuisine. Her love for food art was also shown by the way she taught us how to set the table for the food, interwoven with beautiful tableware and cutlery sets.  Aside to cooking, she was happy to share about the nice places of Tokyo to visit.  In short, Michiko is an awesome host.

★★★★★ Carolyn, United Kingdom
Junko was lovely and we had a truly special experience cooking with her. She was a great teacher and we made Tamago, Strawberry Mochi and Gyozas. Would definitely recommend and return for another cooking fiesta !!

★★★★★ JM, United States of America
Sayaka's home is beautiful. Today's menu was fried chicken, I wholeheartedly recommend this class. Everything we made was delicious. She even asked me how I liked my tofu and later showed me what ingredients to buy at the supermarket so I could make miso soup at home. I LOVE MISO SOUP :) Also, she speaks really great English. We had a lot of fun talking about travel and culture, as well! It was all-around fantastic.

★★★★★ Nicolas, United States of America
Thank you so much! We really enjoyed our time with you and we will treasure this memory and our lessons forever!

★★★★★ Margo, United States of America
This class has been one of the best things we have done on our trip so far! Fabulous hosts!

★★★★★ Bronwyn, Australia
Our tempura class was excellent and we left with more than just a tempura experience. The Miso soup was wonderful and the time spent and knowledge gainedwas exceptional Many thanks Yoko!!

★★★★★ Kie, Japan
I had a really great time with Joungy. Her knowledge and passion for food and cooking was amazing. I learned a lot about Korean ingredients and culture from her, and it was quite unique experience. Thank you so much!

★★★★★ Eldin, Australia
Masako, Thank you for a great lunch. I enjoyed every minute of it. Good luck with all your future endeavours. Eldin

★★★★★ Regina, Singapore
Yoshie has been a wonderful host and teacher to me. I was very glad to have found her to teach me bento-making that rainy day. The lesson is not very tough and easy to understand. Also, i enjoyed my time conversing with Yoshie during the lesson and have many nice memories to bring home with me. A highly recommended experience to any travellers to Japan!

★★★★★ Samantha, United Kingdom
Masako is amazing, she helped us make Udon, Tempura and Tamagoyaki, all from scratch. She let us try other food and drink that she had made herself, and made fans with our names on in calligraphy. We were late but she was very accommodating, and we didn't feel rushed at all. If we ever come back to Japan, we would definitely book another of Masako's classes.

★★★★★ Bronwyn, Australia

★★★★★ Margaret, United States of America
Had a great time with Masako! Nice area conveniently located close to Asakusa area. She has a homey kitchen and loved making the dough for the noodles. She was eager to share her homemade pickles from her mother's garden and any tips on making other kinds of Japanese food. Thanks for being so accommodating and kind!

★★★★★ Michie, Japan
It was so much fun making Kyara-ben. We had a great time! It was the best cooking class we've ever had. Thank you, Yoshie-san, for your patience and kindness. Much Aloha from Todd and Michie

★★★★★ Andre and Chris, Canada
We loved every second of it. Yumi was amazing, friendly and funny too. The food was delicious. If you are visiting Japan, please take her class. Thank you Yumi.

★★★★★ Joseph, United Kingdom
I had an amazing time with yumiko learning about Japanese culture and food, I would recommend this class to absolutely everyone taking a trip to Kyoto. The host, yumiko, is extremely amicable and knowledgeable, will definitely be using the skills I learnt back home!

★★★★★ Jackie Hickethier, United States of America
The cooking class with Yumi was amazing! She was fun and accommodating. I would highly recommend any of her classes. Next time I am in Tokyo, I plan on taking another one of her classes.

★★★★★ karina, Israel
Emi was amazing! Very welcoming and professional! We made Sushi that was delicious and the side dishes were incredible as well. Finding her studio was very simple and the instructions she gave us were easy to follow. In short, it was a great experience - i recommend it with all my heart!

★★★★★ Luisa, Ecuador
Our japanese cooking class was stupendous!!! We couldn’t happier about the food, the experiende, and of course, about Yumi. She is so knowledgeable and is such a patient teacher. We learned a great deal during the lunch class. She picked us up at the right location and took her time during the class to make sure we grasped the concepts about the dishes we cooked. At the end, we had an amazing lunch and participated in a quick tea ceremony. Totally worth it!! Recomend 100%

★★★★★ Alice, New Zealand
Travelling solo and had such a nice time with Masako! This was the first time i’ve used airkitchen and i’m already looking forward to more great experiences in the future :) Thanks so much for your hospitality Masako!

★★★★★ Cristina, Spain
We have a really good time,thank you so much!

★★★★★ Irina Kashper, United States of America
Thank you very much Masako for a wonderful experience and a delicious meal.

★★★★★ JM, United States of America
Cooking with Sayaka was so much fun. I had to do it again! She also makes beautiful table settings, with pretty plates and decorations. Eating together is a great experience.

★★★★★ Daniel, Australia
I’ve cooked Japanese food before in my home and have visited Japan many times before. But in my most recent trip I have decided to do something different, which is to do an authentic Japanese cooking lesson.
I did a comprehensive google search and nothing was really meeting what I wanted to cook or no host was available last minute.
That was until I found out about airkitchen. I found a course that I wanted to take, and was able to book it for the very next day!
The communication I received by the head office and the host cook was fantastic, replies in a timely manner and the English was superb!
Overall the cooking experience was something I’ll never forget, photos were provided to me of the lesson, and I was provided with great gifts also!
This is someone I highly recommend to anyone, whether you’re in Japan for short or long stay. The lessons can fit in with any schedule.
5 out of 5!
Thank you again,

★★★★★ Pawel, Poland
It was a fantastic experience, we were introduced to how to prepare a bento and we did it. We could ask questions about kitchen techniques, ingredients, but also local traditions. It was our first bento experience and we will continue it at home. In addition, at the end of class the host showed us around the local store and explain about products. We can really recommend a lesson to others. I completly agree that this kind of experience let us better understand other culture, kitchen thet paper-based guides will never let. AirKitchen is very good solution and I recommend to expand it.

★★★★★ Anne, America
Hi Mikako! We had such a wonderful time in your sushi class. Thank you for making it special. We are excited to try making some sushi ourselves. Thanks again!

★★★★★ Wang, Chinese
It was enjoyable and memorable! Never have went to a local's home and learn native dishes before. Thank you for preparing all this. Wish to meet you a second time!

★★★★★ Katharina, Germany
Me and a friend took an Udon noodle making class with Masako and it was the best experience! I can highly recommend this to anyone who is in Japan! First, the food was AMAZING! Second, Masako was really flexible with me being a VEGETARIAN! She had a great alternative for the broth (w/o any fish or meat) :-) Also, we ended up making not only the traditional Udon noodles, but also tempura! Thank you, Masako, for making this a wonderful event :)

★★★★★ Adam, America
Yuki, thank you for sharing your comfortable home with me! You were very easy to cook with and I liked doing so much of the work. I need to practice more. Thank you, Adam

★★★★★ Gali, Malaysia
Thank you for a wonderful evening teaching my mother and I on how to make udon noodles from scratch. It was my mother's favourite experience for her stay in Hokkaido. It was a special experience being able to visit a local family home. We will definitely recommend this experience to anyone who visits Hokkaido!

★★★★★ Adam, America
Yuki, thank you for sharing your comfortable home with me! You were very easy to cook with and I liked doing so much of the work. I need to practice more. Thank you, Adam

★★★★★ Zhihang, Chinese
Thank you very much. I was really engaged into this activity, experiencing the making process of the traditional Japanese cuisine and I do think it is not just Japanese food but more like an artistic work, which means I have to be more patient than I previously thought, but anyway, I do think it was an excellent experience. The oolong tea tasted extremely delicious as well as the "Hanbagu". And all the vegetable we ate were just picked off from Fumie san's yard. It was so fresh that I've never had before. Also, I did enjoy talking with you about so many different culture. Thank you very much for picking me up from the station and sending me back. If possible, I will participate in this cooking lesson again and recommend to my friend as well.

★★★★★ Rodrigo, Brazil
Awesome experience. We (myself, wife and 2 teenage daughters) loved it! Thanks Yoshie for the awesome experience!

★★★★★ Anna, Austria
As already said, we couldn’t have had a better cooking class experience! We really enjoyed our cooking class, thanks for that great experience and super tasty food! We gonna try to recreate it at home, to remember our trip forever!

★★★★★ Melissa, Indonesia
Arigato Gozaimatzu, Atsuki san! Thank you very much for having me and Megumi at your home to learn and share your home cooking. We learnt a lot and meaningful tips in making yummy and healthy Japanese food. I can’t wait to try at home. Good luck with the next cooking course!

★★★★★ Mathieu, Belgium
We had a great time! It was very cosy in your beautifull home and you had a very calm and good way of explaining how to make sushi properly! You also helped us with all of our questions. Thank you very much for this pleasant lunchtime and good luck!

★★★★★ Maria, Russia
It was an amazing cooking class we have ever visited! Rina and Akiko taught us how to make our lunches more creative, so we will never forget that interesting lesson. ❤️☺️ Of course, our obentos doesn’t look as cool as your ones, but we tried to do our best! ☝️Nice to met you and hope to see you again!

★★★★★ Ying , Hong Kong
It was fun making the lunch box with friends and Yoshie san. Good to learn the basic yet very useful skills in the kitchen!

★★★★★ Dorie, Netherlands
Hiroko, our cook was a very nice lady who can cook lovely Japanese meals. She showed us how to make Miso soup, Eggrole and fried chicken. It all tasted lovely and it was great to be in a Japanese household and kitchen. There was a young woman who translated, so that was nice. The distance whitin Fukuoka to her house in the outskirts is however a bit far. Some 35 minutes with the train from the center of Fukuoka to Asakuragaido Station. When its easy for you to travel by Japanese railroad it is good to do. Overall experiance: Very nice. Nice and friendly lady with good tradional Japanese cooking skills, bit difficult to understand eachother without the translator and a bit far from the center.

★★★★★ Steffen, Germany
We had a wonderful day with many cooking and cultural experiences at our Japanese host Nagisa in Kyoto. Mother and daughter have spent a lot of effort and prepared a really good meal together with us.We had a wonderful time with them.

★★★★★ Thinh Le, Swissland
Dear Mikako, It was friendly, attentive, comfortable and very useful your lessons of sushi making in July. I learned much what I expected. Thanks a lot. Sincerely yours Thinh

★★★★★ Maz and Martin, Australia
What an incredibly valuable and unique experience!! My partner and I spent the afternoon in Naomi's home preparing sushi and cooking teriyaki chicken and vegetables. We also learnt new things about bonito, wasabi and sake! Naomi was warm and friendly as well as patient and knowledgeable about home cooking and ingredients. Her English is perfect as well. I would like to recommend Naomi and Air Kitchen to everyone and I'd like to say a huge thank you to Naomi, for your kindness and for giving us an unforgettable experience in Japan.

★★★★★ David, Hong Kong
enjoyable, very relaxing indeed

★★★★★ Kowhai , Australia
We had a fantastic lesson, we learnt a lot and emi was very comfortable and clever

★★★★★ Johanna, United States of America
Best vegan bento class in Tokyo! ♥ Had a wonderful time with Yoshie! She is so warm, friendly and accommodating and really made an effort to make me the happiest bento box eater in Tokyo! ^‿^ She listened to all my requests and catered for me so well even though I am strictly vegan, gluten-free, asked for brown rice instead of white and also don’t eat sugar (all of which is really hard to find in Japan!). As you can tell by the pictures she is really knowledgeable in kawaii bentos and the result was SO cute! And tasty! ^‿^ Additionally Yoshie really is the best host and it was equally nice to just sit and chat with her because she is so kind! For vegans and vegetarians this is a must! Though I recommend EVERYONE to go! Definitely the highlight of my Tokyo trip! ♥

★★★★★ Robert, Australia
What an awesome experience - highlight of our trip! We don’t know why this isn’t one of the top 5 things to do in Tokyo!! Masako is amazing!! Thank you so much!

★★★★★ Joshua, Australia
Our cooking experience with Emi was amazing! We arrived early and she was extremely hospitable. Her kitchen was spacious and clean, and Emi spoke English almost perfectly. She was thorough in explanations and processes, and took her time. The experience was amazing as we were not rushed, and as a result the food was great! The sake paired with it was also perfect. Highly recommend this as a must do for anyone in Tokyo - Josh & Asha

★★★★★ Ashleigh, United States of America
The cooking class was excellent. It was traditional Japanese cooking. The instruction was clear and the atmosphere was relaxing. The baby was beyond cute too! Thank you very much Yuki! I hope to attend another class in the future! Best, Ashleigh

★★★★★ Jim, Australia
Hi Masako, thanks for letting me book last minute for a one on one lesson for Tamagoyaki, Udon and Tempura. It was great learning the little tricks to make these classic simple dishes taste great. Also for the little japanese sayings/words etc such as Mottainai. Thanks again for a great class, will recommend to all.

★★★★★ Mara, Romania
It was great!! Thank you!

★★★★★ Rachel, Australia
Hi Aiko. Thanks so much for the sushi roll experience which was made all the much better for the origami, language game and very interesting cultural conversation. All the best in the future

★★★★★ Keeton, United States of America
My girlfriend and I had a wonderful cooking experience with Masako! She was a great host. All her recipes were delicious, some of which were family recipes. We visited Japan over the New Year period and Masako took the time to explain the culture behind New Years symbols and activities. We made more food than we could eat and she helped us to package leftover- extremely thoughtful. She also sent us off with handmade calligraphy of our names in Japanese characters — so cool! We were very thankful and would highly recommend this cooking experience!

★★★★★ Brock, Hong Kong
Very friendly host. Had lots of fun making delicious ramen and gyoza and enjoyed eating them even more!

★★★★★ Suzi, Australia
We loved our experience 100%. Thank you so much Yumiko!

★★★★★ Nishreen , United States of America
Emi was an excellent host and a wonderful coach! The food was fresh and delicious, her space was neat. Definitely my favorite Japanese experience to date. Highly recommend!

★★★★★ Max , Australia
So much fun! Friendly and so welcoming! Went by myself and had a blast! Cooking was authentic and was very hands on. I would recommend to everyone heading to Tokyo!

★★★★★ isla , United Kingdom
Really enjoyed the class, got to make some amazing vegan sushi and try loads of ingredients I’d never used before I took a lot away from it.

★★★★★ Christian, Norway
Great! Lovely and educational!

★★★★★ Samm Diep, United States of America
Yoshie was absolutely delightful! Her English was very good. The boxes we made were super cute and delicious. Strongly recommend as a beginner bento making course for anyone who is interested!

★★★★★ Amal Yasa, Singapore
Amazing experience! I strongly recommend everyone who visit Japan to attend Yumi-chan class! Learn how to make Japanese food and you will be thrilled to experience the real deal of Japan. If only I found Yumi's class earlier, I would bring all my friends and family to attend her class. She is so friendly, speak good English and also very helpful in meeting our dietary needs. For those who need to have halal or vegetarian, Yumi can do it too! Spread the word. Attend her class and you know what I mean! Gambate ne!

★★★★★ Ashlee, New Zealand
Keiko’s kitchen is based out on the suburbs of Japan so it was a cool experience going to a different part of Tokyo that is much more peaceful and reserved. Keiko has great English skills and is easy to understand. She teaches in a very easy manner and the sushi we made ended up being super declioius! Would highly recommend her!!!!

★★★★★ Helena, Spain
The cooking class with Junko was great! The tools and ingredients were all ready and she teaches hands on thus you get to practice. At the end we enjoyed our meal together and had a very enjoyable lunch. I really recommend taking a class with her!

★★★★★ Elizabeth, United States of America
I was hesitant to book as I was by myself in Japan for a week for work, but it was a great experience! Nobody else signed up at the time so Masako explained all the steps, showed me how to do it, and had me make everything. She's very friendly and speaks English, so I highly recommend you sign up for the class, it was a lot of fun! I bought some ingredients to take home and make it for my family.

★★★★★ Helene, Sweden
We loved going to visit Nahoko. It was quick to get there by subway and easy to find the way to her apartment. Making the type of sushi we did was very easy and we appreciated especially to learn how to make great sushi rice. We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet with Nahoko and her husband. We had a a good time taking about the differences in our cultures and our lives. A special thanks for making a cake since it was Alex and mine birthday!

★★★★★ Sharlene, Singapore
We enjoyed our Wagashi class with Mai-San very much! Thank you for being such a great teacher.

★★★★★ Diana Sarmiento, United States of America
Hi Takako, we had a great time today, starting from the walk through the park and to your lovely home. We were impressed by how prepared you were and your encouragement through the whole process. We enjoy cooking proper Japanese gyozas along with a wonderful salad dressing for a salad and miso soup. The process was well explained and we are now confident that with a bit of practice we will be making gyozas in our own home as good as you do. We are looking forward to book ourselves in another cooking class next time we are back in Tokyo. Thanks for everything, it was so great to meet you.

★★★★★ Jose René , Mexico
I loved it, ill take another lne for sure the next trip

★★★★★ Olga, Greece
Best experience ever! I learned a lot and I need a lovely person!!! Olga san

★★★★★ Han Jacqueline , Singapore
We had a great time with Mineko and her family! We would love to recreate the dishes back at home! Thank you for having us

★★★★★ Daniel, Israel
We enjoyed very much and learned a lot Thanks you

★★★★★ Tynelle, United States of America
A wonderful experience from start to finish. Yoko-san and her husband welcomed us into their home warmly. We enjoyed learning about Japanese home cooking and recipes to try ourselves at home. 本当にありがとうございます!

★★★★★ Abhi, United States of America
Fantastic experience with Kaori. She prepared so much beautifully presented delicious food. She taught us how to roll sushi and explained what all the of the ingredients were. We ate with the rest of her family and played with her child daughter. It was a great cullinary experience as well as a cultural one.

★★★★★ Kat, United States of America
Masako was wonderful! We had such a great time. She was accomdating for our large group, gave us food surprises along the way, and was even a great neighborhood guide. I would recommend Masako to anyone visiting Tokyo!!

★★★★★ Melinda, Australia
Thank you for an amazing time. The food was amazing and I am excited to cook them again in Australia. Thank you for opening your kitchen to me and teaching me how to cook.

★★★★★ Jeff, America
Incredible experience to be invited into your home. Would have enjoyed a little more hands on preparing the dishes but overall it was a great experience.

★★★★★ Melinda, Australia
Thank you for an amazing time. The food was amazing and I am excited to cook them again in Australia. Thank you for opening your kitchen to me and teaching me how to cook.

★★★★★ Michelle & Christian, Netherlands
The sushi-class was really, really great and delicious! It was one of the best experience we have had in Japan. Mikako is a very sweet and good host. Her house was nice, clean and quiet. Well done Mikako, we had so much fun!

★★★★★ Sophie, Germany
We had the best time! Rina is amazingly sweet and the food was perfect. Definitely recommend!

★★★★★ Laine & Erwann, America
We had an amazing time making sushi!! It was a very cool experience for us. Mikako's class is perfect for beginners. Her kitchen was immaculately clean, her class was very well organized, and she was a delightful teacher. We really enjoyed learning something new, and having a meal with Mikako. It is a great memory from our honeymoon :) We were so glad she had the instructions printed out to take with us, because when we got home to the US we made some more sushi using her recipe! We highly recommend her class!

★★★★★ Thor, Iceland
Went here with two of my friends earlier. The host is a wonderful cooking teacher who can also explain the origins of the food and the ingredients. She is very warm and friendly and for anyone who even remotely enjoys Japanese cuisine, I would most certainly recommend this.

★★★★★ Wendy, Singapore
Masako is a typical Japanese lady who will teach you Japanese food the way it is done. I sign up for udon but she also teach tempura and egg omelette while waiting for the udon dough. Making udon was fun as we need to use our foot to step on it (of course we use plastic to cover). Masako makes me feel cooking is easy and would recommend anyone interested in learning.