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Traditional Japanese food!HomeVisit.kids welcome!

Cooking Class Vegan Vegetarian

Traditional Japanese food!HomeVisit.kids welcome!

Free Pick-up
We use organic vegetables. Vegetables change according to the season.

■Basic Menue
-Tempra(4types Veges)
-Salads with sesame sause
-Osuimomo or MISO-Soup
-Drink(Water,Carbonated water,Green tea)

You can change the pick up time. The slowest is at 10:30.

9:30 I pick up you at nearest station Osaka Metro Tanimachi-4 station or Tanimachi-6 station by walk.

9:45 class guideline
10:00 cooking.eat.
if you want,Even if you are a man , you can wear the women's KIMONO.It will take about 20 min per person.

12:30 see you again!

If you wish,you can make another food,ex)okonomiyaki,takoyaki,onigiri,gyoza,etc.
Please sent me mail,so talk about menues. If you need very expensive ingredients(ex.matsutake,Truffle) additional costs will be incurred.

Children can cook for 6 years and over.
It is same charge as adult.

Children under the age of 5 can not cook, but they can come to my house with a guardian.They can eat Onigiri and play with my daughter. she is very friendly,and she has a lot of toys.games.free wifi.
Charge is Free.

You make “DASHI”by kombu and siitake massharoom.
Deep fried tempura.
make rice by a ordinaly pot.
You can get English recipi.

This class takes place my kitchen and diningroom with my daughter 7 years old.so you can relax and enjoy cooking homelike. She can talk English as 5years old Native Level. She will be a wonderful friend with your children.
Enjoy the most delicious Local Japanese food and ordinaly Japanese family!
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Why Taking a Cooking Class in Osaka is a Must-Do

When it comes to cuisine, the one from Japan is by far the most unique and popular.
Containing a variety of ingredients, cooking styles and variants of the dishes themselves, there is a reason why Japanese cuisine is popular across the world.

And where better to learn how to cook these dishes than in Japan itself?
One can today find an abundance of cooking classes across Japan, which caters to this unique requirement, and Osaka cooking classes are a good example of this.
Given that there are plenty of people eager to learn how to make appetizing Japanese dishes; classes have emerged in all corners of the country, including Major cities like Osaka.
Indeed, there are many classes currently available in the beautiful city of Osaka, where one can learn almost everything there is to learn about Japanese cuisine.

Coming to the Osaka cooking classes themselves, it is an understatement to say that the classes take care of everything. For the reality is that they go way beyond just teaching you how to cook Japanese dishes.
Set up in traditional Japanese kitchens and taught by experts in the field, you get to learn all there is to know about the recipes, which range from its ingredients to the final dishes.
The classes will include, not just cooking but often the shopping as well, as you get to visit local markets for the ingredients. Many, if not all classes, will give you the chance to check out traditional markets, and buy your own ingredients. This is especially great, for it helps you to learn the dish right down to its basic ingredients.
Also to add here is that the classes are available as individual one-on-one sessions, as well as that of a group. This would be great for those seeking flexibility on the kind of classes they want.
But that’s just the beginning, for there is a lot more you can look forward to. To finish off the sessions, you can expect to have the classes include other elements of adventure such as visits to nearby tourist attractions, picnics, group lunches and more.
Osaka cooking classes are priced in a fairly affordable way, with group session costing a lot less than those that have a one-on-one interaction. Also to note here is that many of the classes come with pickup and drop services, which should make it all far more convenient.

For those who would like background information on Osaka, it is one of the largest and most populous cities in all of Japan.
Located on the island of Honshu, it is an important center for finance, industry and commerce in all of Japan. In addition to this, it also happens to be an important place for Japanese culture and heritage.
It would be interesting to know that Osaka is indeed a prime destination for tourists who visit the island nation.

To sum it all up, Osaka is an excellent place for those who are interested in learning about the many amazing dishes that Japanese cuisine has to offer.
Whether you are into sushi and ramen or even everything that could be possibly found on the Japanese menu, you can get it all from these Osaka cooking classes and everything it has to offer.

What customers are saying?


Caroline, Hong Kong
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"A great sharing time, just like having a gathering in a friend’s home!"

I visited Tokyo many times. I always want to attend a cooking class in a Japan local residence so that not only I can learn how to make Japanese dishes but also I can learn the Japanese culture. Thanks “airKitchen” for making my dream comes true! I like the service of airKitchen team as they replied to my email enquiry promptly so I could decide which course to take. The host Masako-san provided great hospitality and made me feel like home. I enjoyed doing hands-on udon and tempura making, especially the traditional way in making udon! I also enjoyed sitting down and eating our finished products together. A great sharing time, just like having a gathering in a friend’s home! This is truly an enjoyable and memorable experience! I am really looking forward to my next trip to Japan and my next cooking lesson with airKitchen.


Heng, Singapore
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Our cooking class experience was marvelous!"

Our cooking class experience with Michi's Table was marvelous. Besides teaching us the expert techniques of tempura cooking, she also shared with us the history of the food we cooked. This exemplified her in-depth knowledge of Japanese cuisine. Her love for food art was also shown by the way she taught us how to set the table for the food, interwoven with beautiful tableware and cutlery sets. Aside to cooking class, she was happy to share about the nice places of Tokyo to visit. In short, Michiko is an awesome host.


Danycia, America
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"It is a must for anyone visiting Japan!!!"

I had such fun time experiencing true Japanese cooking, culture, and food through airKitchen! airKitchen is a great way to stay at a Japanese's local's home and learn how to make simple, yet delicious beautiful Japanese dishes. It is a must for anyone visiting Japan!!!