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Enjoy together, vegan, vegetarian, non-vege.P ! Making ONIGIRAZU.

Cooking Class

Enjoy together, vegan, vegetarian, non-vege.P ! Making ONIGIRAZU.

●Green tea

●Onigirazu(Japanese new rice dish)
You can choose 2ingredients from below.

*A5 rank wagyu-beef or fish with typical Japanese style sauce(You can't choose both meat and fish at once.)
*Kyoto style dashi omelet roll.
*Ganmodoki ( Deep-fried tofu mixed with vegetables or something ingredients. )
 ※Only vegan can choose 2types Ganmodoki which change the ingredients in it.
*Minced Koya-tofu ( Tofu product. Just like the minced chicken dish.) ※For only vegan.

※Please understand some of the ingredients of the Onigirazu are prepared beforehand due to the time issue. However, you can actually make either of the ingredients you chose.
※Please, feel free to contact me if you need anything else.

●Shiratama-dumpling with roasted soybean paste.

●Sumashi-jiru(Japanese clear dashi soup) with the fun experiment of dashi & umami.
[ What is " Onigirazu " ? ]
You know Japanese rice boll called “ONIGIRI” means “to grip and shape rice with both hands.” Against it “ONIGIRAZU” means “not to grip.“ It’s not only easy to make but also looks very attractively.
We'll make it from cooking some of the ingredients, like an Ganmodoki.

[ About fun experiment about DASHI & UMAMI ]
We'll compare to drink some dashi soups for learning the way of thinking about Japanese cuisine.
For vegan and vegetarian(if you want), I prepare Shojin-dashi.
You could satisfy your curiosity about Japanese food !
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What customers are saying?


Caroline, Hong Kong
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"A great sharing time, just like having a gathering in a friend’s home!"

I visited Tokyo many times. I always want to attend a cooking class in a Japan local residence so that not only I can learn how to make Japanese dishes but also I can learn the Japanese culture. Thanks “airKitchen” for making my dream comes true! I like the service of airKitchen team as they replied to my email enquiry promptly so I could decide which course to take. The host Masako-san provided great hospitality and made me feel like home. I enjoyed doing hands-on udon and tempura making, especially the traditional way in making udon! I also enjoyed sitting down and eating our finished products together. A great sharing time, just like having a gathering in a friend’s home! This is truly an enjoyable and memorable experience! I am really looking forward to my next trip to Japan and my next cooking lesson with airKitchen.


Heng, Singapore
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Our cooking class experience was marvelous!"

Our cooking class experience with Michi's Table was marvelous. Besides teaching us the expert techniques of tempura cooking, she also shared with us the history of the food we cooked. This exemplified her in-depth knowledge of Japanese cuisine. Her love for food art was also shown by the way she taught us how to set the table for the food, interwoven with beautiful tableware and cutlery sets. Aside to cooking class, she was happy to share about the nice places of Tokyo to visit. In short, Michiko is an awesome host.


Danycia, America
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"It is a must for anyone visiting Japan!!!"

I had such fun time experiencing true Japanese cooking, culture, and food through airKitchen! airKitchen is a great way to stay at a Japanese's local's home and learn how to make simple, yet delicious beautiful Japanese dishes. It is a must for anyone visiting Japan!!!

Why Taking a Cooking Class in Kyoto is a Must-Do

Japanese cuisine is by far one of the most delicious and unique on the entire planet.
With dishes so unique and preparation styles rather quite unusual, it is something of a curiosity for almost anyone who happens to visit the country.

There is indeed much to be said about Japanese cuisine. Whether it is the ingredients or preparation styles, the dishes that the country offers are unique unto themselves in a myriad of ways.
Japanese foods is considered one of the most healthy on the planet, and has a track record to prove it; Japan today has some of the oldest and indeed, healthiest people. Clearly, the diet has something to do with the longevity of the Japanese people.
Indeed, this is one of the reasons why a lot of people want to learn about these dishes, as well as how to prepare them.

And when it comes to actually preparing them, what better place to learn it than in Japan itself?
There is simply no better teacher when it comes to Japanese dishes, than someone who is Japanese, as in the case of a Kyoto cooking class.
You can in fact get plenty of Japanese people ready to help you out, in your quest for that perfect recipe and cooking class. Whether a one-on-one session or that a group, expect to learn everything there is on cooking that perfect Japanese dish, in an authentic Japanese kitchen.
Also to note here is that the classes are usually in the form of a package, where you get to enjoy more than just cooking. The Kyoto cooking classes are in fact an inclusive adventure and experience, where you get to enjoy among other things, local tours and travels, sightseeing and even visit local markets to buy the ingredients.
The last aspect of going shopping is especially interesting, for you will not only be cooking the food, but actually doing other things as well such as learning about its basic ingredients, understanding local traditions and more.
The classes are fairly affordable and even offer facilities like pickup and drop, making everything hassle-free for anyone who is interested.

To get some more information about Kyoto, the city where the classes are based, it is a city situated in the island country’s interior.
Once the capital of Japan, this land-locked city is today one of the largest cities in all of Japan, and capital of the Kyoto prefecture. This historical legacy has left the city with an abundance of landmarks ranging from old pagodas to castles and everything in between. Among other things, Kyoto has an important role to play in Japan, when it comes to industry, commerce, finance and culture.
Also important to add here is that Kyoto is today considered one of the most important tourist destinations in all of Japan, attracting countless tourists from across the world.

So if you happen to be visiting this part of Japan, know that you are spoiled for choice in these Kyoto cooking classes, if you ever want to learn about its cooking.
From the humble sushi to the most extravagant buffet meals, you can learn it all, should you be visiting this lovely Japanese city anytime soon.