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Yakuzen is a type of meal for dietary therapy based on Chinese tradition.
I would like to serve “Yakuzen” dishes, which you can enjoy seafood and mountain vegetables in season grown locally. “Yakuzen" is a type of meal for dietary therapy based on Chinese tradition, and was originated more than 2000 years ago. Recently, Yakuzen is considered as a part of preventive medicine to treat pre-symptomatic disease. Based on the theory of Yin-Yang and the five elements, Yakuzen maintains the balance of physical body and mentality. I hope you enjoy cooking my original Yakuzen recipes, including Japanese seasonal ingredients.

If you have any question or dietary restriction, please contact me. I would be happy to customize the courses.

Experience the sophisticated Yakuzen courses and enjoy natural sourness, sweetness, bitterness, and saltiness derived from natural ingredients.


Please choose one from rice, one from main dish, one from side dish, one from soup one from tea.

① Rape blossoms and black bean rice (veg) : Remove swelling by increasing the blood circulations
② Hatomugi rice With Shirasu (young sardines) and Shiso leaves: Remove swelling by supplying qi: energy flow(気)

Main dish
① Shinoda-style chicken dumpling : Recovery from exhaustion by supplying blood and qi
② Milk stew with pork and sweet potato: moisten the skin and help regulate bowel movements
③ Boiled sleet salmon : Warm your body and relieve intestinal ailments

Side dish
① Sauce-dressed dishes with new potatoes and peas (veg): Improve qi
② Salad with sprig cabbage and spring turmeric. (veg):Remove depression by increasing the blood circulations and qi
③ Shirishiri with carrot and shirasu: recover eyesight by improving conditions of eyes

① Soup with mozuku and taros (veg) : Prevent high blood pressure by improving the circulations of water in your body
② Soy soup (veg) : Remove swelling

① Tea (決明茶) (veg) : Ingredient(Cassia seed), Prevent bloodshot eyes and help regulate bowel movements
② Tea (桑菊枸杞茶)(veg): Ingredient (Mulberry leaves, Chrysanthemum flower, Lycium chinense), Improve hey fever and itching of eyes and sore throat

Spring is a lively and fresh green season. We take care of our liver and pancreas, supplementing blood and mentality, removing swollenness. We mainly use blue and yellow ingredients to cook the spring Yakuzen, which tastes a mix of spicy and sweet dishes, including warm and cold foods to keep our body balance.

You can drink sake if you want (it costs additional fee: ¥300)
Sake (alcohol)
① Hatomugi sake (はと麦酒: Pearl barley+alcohol) : Remove swelling and improve skin condition
② Ichigo sake (イチゴ酒:Strawberry+alcohol):UV protection and help regulate bowel movements

veg = vegetarian

About Host


Hi, I’m Rie. I live in a small town one hour away from Nagoya city. My house is located close to the beach, 5 minutes by a car, and beautiful rice field. The area is famous for seafood and plenty of locally-grown organic vegetables.

I love eating and cooking, so I learned Yakuzen from a Chinese teacher and acquired the certificate of international health food master. Since then, I have been creating new recipes, so I would like to share these with you.
Well, everyone, please look at my face. My face is made of "medicine" used in medicine dishes. The skin is "rice", the hair is "kelp", the hair ornament is "Natsume", the eyebrows are "pine nuts", the eyes are "dried grapes", the nose is "peanut", the mouth is " "Walnut", earring is "Gomiko".
I have such an interesting face and I look forward to meeting you and cooking with you.

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Visit a Japanese local's home and learn to cook their specialty.

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Eat the authentic homemade Japanese meal with your Japanese host. Take the opportunity to have a genuine conversation with a local Japanese Person.


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