・Okara no taitan (Boiled Tofu Soy Pulp in a Mie-Style)
・One Side Dish(You can choose Spinach with Sesame Dressing or Vinegared cucumber)
・Japanese pickles
・Miso Soup

I would like you to enjoy Ichiju-Sansai-Style Japanese dish which is the traditional and basic style of Japanese food.
In addition, I provide rice and vegetables using locally produced locally and harvested in Mie.

I will make it carefully using Mie's commitment materials.
Enjoy the Taste of home cooking.



About Host


I was born and grew up in Mie.
I would like you to taste the taste of vegetables and rice which are harvested in this place.

I believe that Japanese food should be casual and daily food. So I want to cook with the japanese dish whichi is focused on the taste of the material itself, harvested for local consumption and healthy for your body.
How it works

Step1 Visit local's home

Visit a Japanese local' s home. Your selected host is waiting to welcome you and have a great time together!

Step2 Enjoy your meal!

Eat the authentic home-cooked Japanese meal for vegetarians and vegans with your Japanese host. Take the opportunity to have a genuine conversation with a local Japanese.


The closest station
Toba Station

How to get to the station?
・From Toba Station:0 mins

Free pick up service
This host can pick up you for free from the closest station!

Exact location provided after booking.