Nimono (cooked vegetables and chicken in Japanese style, I can do the vegan style, too),
Miso soup, Nukazuke or Asazuke (Japanese pickles),
Seasonal Yakizakana or Nizakana
or Japanese mild curry.

Ofukuro no aji,
I describe as comfortable like mother makes their kid's memorable food.

We try to use reasonable but, healthy, nutricious ingredients.

However, not so difficult so you can also make when you go back home.

About Host


Hi, my name is Meg.
I've been study abroad with foreigners and have many friends from all over the world. I've been cooking for family and friends for a quite long time. I am flexible for making most of things that you request
for. Let's enjoyJapanese culture including making some authentic Japanese cuisine!
How it works

Step1 Visit local's home

Visit a Japanese local' s home. Your selected host is waiting to welcome you and have a great time together!

Step2 Enjoy your meal!

Eat the authentic home-cooked Japanese meal for vegetarians and vegans with your Japanese host. Take the opportunity to have a genuine conversation with a local Japanese.


The closest station
JR Isogo or Keikyu Byobugaura station

How to get to the station?
・From Yokohama or Kamiooka:15 mins

Exact location provided after booking.