No idea :)
I am sorry but I can't cook with you now because I live with my family and they don't allow to do it.
anyway, please give me a message. I might be able to take you to restaurants.
I am not good at English. Would you like to accept my poor English skills ?? haha
I want to have a good time with you through eating somethings :)

let's talk about that first :)

About Host


I took 8 months for long journey at 2018.
It was so cool for me. I have been to 21 countries of Asia and Europe.
Actually,I cooked with local people many times then. I want to do that in japan too.
I am not good cooker but we can share time and food through cooking :) Let's cook something!

Btw, When you send me request, Please introduce yourself and tell me proper your Facebook or Instagram links. If you travel with someone, make sure to share their profiles too and give me some introduction about them. I just want to make sure the person.
it's my profile of couch surfing and FB.
How it works

Step1 Visit local's home

Visit a Japanese local' s home. Your selected host is waiting to welcome you and have a great time together!

Step2 Enjoy your meal!

Eat the authentic home-cooked Japanese meal for vegetarians and vegans with your Japanese host. Take the opportunity to have a genuine conversation with a local Japanese.


The closest station

How to get to the station?
・From Kyobashi:30 mins

Exact location provided after booking.