Our hosts can accommodate nearly all food allergies, dietary restrictions or preferences you might have.

Simply make a note of any food preferences when you make your reservation.

Yes, there are hosts who can cook a vegan meal and a few are vegans themselves.

That said, there are also hosts who may not be as familiar as others so be sure to be as specific as possible with what you can and cannot eat.

Depending on the level of understanding the host may have there may be slip ups such as forgetting or not knowing to check for meat or seafood extract or using honey.

So it will be helpful to express how flexible you are or on the other hand be extra clear about details that are important to you.

Yes, there are hosts who can prepare a Japanese vegetarian meal and a few hosts are vegetarians.

You can find more about vegetarian cooking on this page.

That said, not only are there hosts who may not be as familiar as others so being specific as possible as to what you can and cannot eat will be important.

This includes defining what type of vegetarian you are such as lacto-ovo-vegetarian, pescatarian, etc.

airKitchen is a muslim friendly community with some experienced hosts able to prepare a halal friendly Japanese meal.

At the same time, keep in mind that since most hosts are not muslim themselves, unlike a restaurant kitchen it will most likely not be halal certified.

Yes, for some hosts you can as you will be able to directly contact the host after your booking is completed.

If there is a favorite Japanese dish you love, by trying it at your airKitchen you might discover that there are differences depending on a family recipe, or regional differences.

You can also ask your host if you can help cook the dish by expressing how much you love it and want to learn more about it.

Each host is different.

Many hosts do serve alcohol with their meals, although some prefer not to.

You can see if a host serves alcohol by looking at their host profile in the Host Offerings section. If you would like to drink alcohol with your meal please indicate this as you create your reservation.

Alcohol is not included in the experience fee.

You can buy alcohol with cash in your cooking experience from your host.

If you have any questions, please contact us.