Please browse our hosts based on your travel plans.

When you are ready to make a reservation, select your desired experience date(s) and click Book.

After you fill out the booking form and complete your payment, you will receive a confirmation email from airKitchen.

Based on your request details, interested hosts will respond within 24 hours.

Within those 24 hours after your request is sent, you will be notified every time a host responds to your request.

Details about how and where to meet the hosts will be sent immediately after the booking is confirmed. Please make an arrangement with your host and you are ready to have cooking experience in Japan.

Ideally, reservations are made at least two weeks before your airKitchen experience date in order to give your host ample time to prepare for your visit to their home.

However, we understand last minute traveling and can try to accommodate requests up to 96 hours before the experience date. We have a select number of hosts who can take same day and next day bookings.

After you complete the booking details form, you need to fill out your billing information to finish the booking.

After you complete the booking details form, you need to fill out your billing information to finish the booking.

You will only be charged if your request is accepted. Approximately 15% commission fee will be charged to support the airKitchen platform.

You can see this fee on the checkout page before you make a reservation.


Cancellations received more than 48 hours prior to the experience date are fully refundable.

Cancellations received fewer than 48 hours in advance are non-refundable as our hosts begin the shopping and cooking process up to two days before your arrival.

If you have just sent your request, contact us immediately.

The earlier the better, especially before hosts start responding to your request.The below is our cancellation policy.

・Over48h before your booked day =100% refund
・Less than 48h before the booked day= 0% refund

We understand that things happen that might keep you from getting to your host's home on time.

If this is the case please use the contact information we have provided in your detailed booking information to get in touch with your host and let them know when to expect you.

Our hosts do time the meals for your arrival so please do your best to arrive promptly and be communicative with your host if for some reason this is not possible.

We will provide you with your host's address after the booking is confirmed and your payment is made.

You can look up the exact location using an online map or contact your host for directions.

Some hosts offer pick up service so you may meet up with your host at the closest station.

Yes, some hosts offer a pick up service.

You can make sure which host has a pick up service through checking out the host introduction page.

If you need a pick up service, feel free to ask your host when you arrange the meeting spot.

Yes, some hosts offer a market visit tour.

You can see if a host serves a market visit tour by looking at their host profile page.

You can ask your host about market visit by email in advance.

Yes, you can get airKitchen official certificate after you finish cooking lesson.

The certificate will be sent to you in PDF format within 3 days.

If you want a certificate, you can ask in the request form.You can get one of three different types of certificate (Super Japanese Cook, Sushi Master, Vegetarian Master) depending on what kind of lesson you joined.

The cost of the certificate depends on the type of certification.

If you have any questions, please contact us.