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We welcome anyone with a good heart and open mind who wants to learn more about Japan and meet interesting people. airKitchen does not tolerate discrimination since our motto is to bring about understanding so everyone is welcome. If you have specific concerns, do not be afraid to ask us.
Local foodie and family volunteers all across Japan. Visit local families just like you with similar age kids, find foodies who will share their knowledge of Japanese culture. You can confirm all these details before booking your airKitchen since all hosts go through a screening process and provide a full profile.
All hosts are prepared to speak English. Many hosts have acquired much of their language skill from travel, study, or work. However, always keep in mind that despite how excited the host is to communicate with you, many do not normally speak English on a daily basis so your patience would be greatly appreciated.
Some of our hosts can speak or are learning other languages besides English such as Spanish, Chinese, and more. If you are currently learning Japanese, there are hosts who will be more than happy to communicate in Japanese. Even if you cannot find hosts who can speak your mother tongue, keep in mind that for the majority of our hosts English is not their native language either so they will all be patient, friendly, and do their best to communicate with you.
Please browse our hosts based on your travel plans. When you are ready to make a reservation, select your desired experience date(s) and click "Book. After you fill out the booking form you will receive a confirmation email from us. Based on your request details, the host will respond within 24 hours. Within those 24 hours after your request is sent, you will be notified every time the host responds to your request. You will be sent an email with your host's address and contact information immediately when your host confirms the booking. Your credit card will only be charged once your host accepts your booking.
If you have just sent your request, contact us immediately. The earlier the better, especially before hosts start responding to your request.The below is our cancellation policy.
・Over 1week before your booked day =100% refund
・Less than 1week before and over 48h before the booked day= 50% refund
・Less than 48h before the booked day= 0% refund
As in any country, home cooked meals differ depending on the family, region, and many other factors. But rest assured, you will be able to correspond with your host before the airKitchen to decide on the menu if you have any requests, questions, or concerns.
Yes for some hosts, you can as you will be able to directly contact the host after your booking is completed. If there is a favorite Japanese dish you love, by trying it at your airKitchen you might discover that there are differences depending on a family recipe, or regional differences. You can also ask your host if you can help cook the dish by expressing how much you love it and want to learn more about it.
We recommend being very clear right when you send your request details. Yes, there are hosts who will be able to provide a safe dining experience because they are certified dietitians, have the same allergies as you, or are raising kids with the same allergies. However there may be hosts who are not as familiar as others and cannot immediately guarantee an allergy-free environment so be very clear about what you can and cannot consume in your request. You will be able to contact the host directly after booking is completed so there will be opportunities to make further clarifications before your visit but the earlier the better. The airKitchen team will also be available for assistance so there are no misunderstandings between you and the host but if you already have specific concerns at the moment you are more than welcome to contact us directly before sending your request.
Yes, there are hosts who can cook a vegan meal and a few are vegans themselves. That said, there are also hosts who may not be as familiar as others so be sure to be as specific as possible with what you can and cannot eat. Depending on the level of understanding the host may have there may be slip ups such as forgetting or not knowing to check for meat or seafood extract or using honey. So it will be helpful to express how flexible you are or on the otherhand be extra clear about details that are important to you.
Yes, there are hosts who can prepare a Japanese vegetarian meal and a few hosts are vegetarians. That said, not only are there hosts who may not be as familiar as others so being specific as possible as to what you can and cannot eat will be important. This includes defining what type of vegetarian you are such as lacto-ovo-vegetarian, pescatarian, etc.
airKitchen is a muslim friendly community with some experienced hosts able to prepare a halal friendly Japanese meal. At the same time, keep in mind that since most hosts are not muslim themselves, unlike a restaurant kitchen it will most likely not be halal certified.
After you send a request to your favorite host, we will contact to the host and check out whether the host is prepared.
You will be sent an email with your host's address and contact information immediately when your host confirms the booking.
Your credit card will only be charged once your host accepts your booking.Your info is safe with us. Your billing information is encrypted and transmitted securely with an SSL protocol.
Yes, some hosts offer pickup service. You can make sure which host have a pick up service through checking out the host introduction page.