Popular Tempura Restaurants in Tokyo

Popular Tempura Restaurants in Tokyo

Popular Tempura Restaurants

After having a long and hectic day, all you long to do is to get home, get a cold shower, a change of clothes into fresh and sparkling clean ones. And of course, a delicious and tasty meal to leave a lasting tang in your mouth for the rest of the evening!

When you begin to think of any of such meals, tempura might just be the right meal that comes to mind.

Heard of tempura before? I bet you have been missing out haven’t tasted a meal as delicious.

Tempura is one of the most popular Japanese meals that Japan has gifted the world and is enjoyed all over the world.

Tempura Restaurants in Tokyo

The toothsomeness of food is not dependent on the food, it’s rather determined by the culinary skills of the handlers. Your supposed crispy, yummy and tasty tempura can turn out to be a nightmare and a tasteless piece of the item if it isn’t cooked by people who know the pros and cons. I will be giving you the restaurants that make the best and most delicious tempura in the capital city of Tokyo. Yay! They are in no particular order.


With a presence that stretches beyond a century in the tempura making scene, Funabashiya is a big name in the Tokyo Tempura world. They make excellent tasting tempura for very reasonable prices. It is considered as one of the city’s best-making tempura restaurant.



Tsunahachi Shinjuku

Tsunahachi Shinjuku is another tempura restaurant that serves affordable, but delicious and crispy tempura and all the beer you need to wash it down. This is served in a warm atmosphere accompanied by great music. It is situated between one of the clustered restaurants at Shinjuku station. It’s right beside the Shinjuku station in Tokyo.



Kondo Tempura

This restaurant is especially known for its careful selection and unique blend of oils to fry its tempura. The chef exclusively blends fresh seafood and locally grown seasonal vegetables, making the quality of the end product phenomenal and mouth watering. If you are thinking of somewhere for a special kind of tempura, Kondo tempura restaurant might just be the place you want to check out. It is located in Gonna.



Tempura Abe

Sometimes, expensive doesn’t always mean “great or excellent”. Tempura Abe makes great and delicious tempura at an unbelievable cheap price in Tokyo. They offer just as much as quality at the fraction of the price.




Tenichi is known as a great place to stop by at after a shopping expedition. It is known for its high-class dining and world-beating tempura. The next time you think about an outing or an occasion with a loved one to grab a savory tempura meal, think Tenichi.



Shibuya Tempura

Shibuya is one of Tokyo most vibrant hubs and offers of the best tempura gourmets you can ever imagine.




If you love sesame oil and dark fried version of tempura, Tenshige is the place to find it. Specializing in Tendon, this place is special for its Japanese style and traditional style of preparation. The food is known to be great and its closer to home cooking is second to none. If you are a tourist in Akasaka, one of Tokyo’s commercial center, you can give Tenshige tempura a try and be glad you did!